Meet Monica

Fiber artist of 10 years and Sonoma County mother, uses wisps of wool to weave creativity, connection with nature, and calming focus into endearing works of art. From fuzzy hand puppets to calorie free chocolates – her sweet designs awaken a sense of play. Monica’s other designs include lunch bags, slippers and more practical items made lovely as well. Monica revels in passing along the delight of designing with wool, and offers classes (complete with supplies) highlighting seasonal creations such as a “box of chocolates” for Valentine’s Day.

What is “felting”?

Felting wool entails the age-old crafts of shrinking wool fibers to create clothing, embellish cloth, or fashion soft sculptures. This fast, fun, and easy crafting technique is in vogue again with today’s “make and do” mothers and artisans who enjoy working with natural mediums. Felting can be achieved both through “wet” felting (agitating wool with water and soap) or through “dry or needle” felting (using a sharp, barbed needle to sculpt wool roving). Monica’s creations often include elements of both – her cupcakes are designed using wet felted sweaters and dry needle felted roving.


There is something special in creating a “doll” which is a miniature human being. Monica teaches the art of dollmaking as well as creating magical custom made dolls for her customers. She can create a doll just right for your child. Many of her customers come back to purchase more dolls because they can’t have enough love from these soft, handmade bundles of joy.

Learn a New Craft Plus

Monica attests a range of people become engrossed while working with their hands. She’s offered classes in several states and counties to people of a variety of ages and professional backgrounds. Some of her students include: local Waldorf school children, crafting circles, Waldorf parenting groups, community members referred through local yarn shops, and even staff members of a local law firm. In every case, Monica describes her students as often silent – lost in a reverie of creation as their handmade projects quickly take on life.

Handwork can also have a relaxing quality. The focused, repetitive motions allow crafters to forget life’s distractions. The soft, natural fibers are also grounding. The immediateness of the results is uplifting, and final creations make for wonderful gifts. Imagine warm slippers in winter or a bunny tucked into a spring basket! Happiness is inspired in all involved.

Finding her felting and dollmaking classes in high demand, Monica offers women’s night out opportunities and private engagements such as employee appreciation activities. Monica Ashley facilitates engaging workshops for all occasions – contact her for information on joining a class or forming your own group event!